Joaquín La Habana

Singer, Dancer, Entertainer

My Own Free Way CD Cover

The new album is out!

Joaquín La Habana
My Own Free Way

This album celebrates the combination of very diverse music styles with Joaquín’s vocal acrobatics. A trans-cultural musical journey from traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms into romantic melodies, jazzy tunes, carabet song all the way to opera and today’s dance music. Androgynous, strong-voiced, spirited! More information is here

The transformation artist and entertainer Joaquín La Habana plays effortlessly with changing gender and culture. His educated opera voice changes easily from the baritone of a rebel to the soprano of the seductress.
This Cuban with smouldering eyes combines the hot rhythms of the Carribean with the operetta traditions of Europe. He interweaves the hope of Jazz, the lightness of Musical, and the sadness of Soul to a network of dance and singing, touching the heart, being intelligent and erotic at the same time. With a forceful voice and dancing temperament, Joaquín La Habana delivers a captivating show and swirls over the stage as the devil himself – in an evening gown.

It’s simply not possible to pigeonhole him in any way. His creative works are as multifaceted as his descent. Born in Cuba, raised and educated in the US, his art over four decades presents just about any colour of performing art.
He is rooted in the Afro-Cuban culture, where he draws inspiration for his works.

In USA, he performed in various musicals, was among the dance group in the film “Hair”, acted together with Paul Newman, and in New York, he worked at Broadway as well as in Studio 54. Since 1981, he lives in Europe, where he got known in city theatres and revue houses, for instance in the role of Chantal in the musical “La Cage aux Folles”.

Joaquín La Habana lives in Berlin and performs world-wide, last at the folklore festival in Samarkant, Usbekistan, the jazz festival Bergmannstrasse, and the BKA theatre in Berlin.