Shows and Entertainment with the Joaquin La Habana Ensemble

Joaquin La Habana’s broad spectrum of expression is mirrored in the Spektrum an Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten spiegelt sich in der dazzling array of his shows. From light entertainment to art songs, from popular melodies to the black heritage of Cuba… Embrace to be surprised!


In his stirring shows, the Cuban entertainer Joaquín La Habana paints the colours of the Caribbean into the senses of his audience. Joaquín and his hot-blooded ensemble radiate pure vitality.
Salsa and reggaetone spark the fire of the Caribbean. Joaquín sings the evergreen hits of the 50s to the 70s and 80s, adorable dancers full of sensuality and elegance let you forget everyday life and waken your senses after a demanding business day. Hispanic hip-hop and samba in a mix of latino and african styles bring drive into corporate and special events.
To songs by Santana, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, the Gibson Brothers and others, the ensemble comes down the stage, moves through the audience and seduces the guests to join in the dance. Every foot moves, every hand claps, every hip sways: A show like a hilarious party night at the beach.


Mezcla Tropical Mezcla Tropical

A musical journey from the Caribbean to Brazil with dancers, about 8 performers

Salonmusik and Black Heritage


Serenata Cubana

Art song evening with salon and theatre music from Cuba of the 19th and 20th century. Joaquin La Habana sings and plays several characters at the same time. Live music with violin, piano, flute, percussion and bass.

On the programme are Cuban composers who developed a unique concert style, mixing classical and modern music of Europe with specific Cuban influences. The repertoire reflects the musical diversity of Cuba, from romantic renditions to the comic song from the theatre, to Cuba’s world-famous dance rhythms. It is a unique fusion of two cultural circles.